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Clinical Excellence Research Center

The first university-based research center exclusively dedicated to discovering, testing, and evaluating cost-saving innovations in clinically excellent care. Our research seeks more affordable ways to deliver better care for conditions consuming the bulk of the country's healthcare spending.

A Message From The Director

"Federal creditworthiness and therefore American prosperity now hinge on continuously attaining better health with less health spending. By rapidly mobilizing emerging science and technology from engineering, management, and medicine, the Clinical Excellence Research Center will enable Stanford to help solve a seemingly intractable national challenge."

- Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH

Dr. Milstein founded CERC after two decades of improving healthcare value in the private sector and advising the White House and Congress. He is now training America's next generation of healthcare innovators to remove wasteful and dangerous inefficiencies that ail the U.S. health-care system.

Bright Spots Research

CERC identifies and studies clinical teams throughout the U.S. that deliver the highest quality care at lower cost – the bright spots of health care delivery. Our researchers have identified practices that serve as models of innovation and value.  

Stanford PAC

The Partnership in AI-Assisted Care is an innovative collaboration with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab to apply advanced computer vision and machine learning to solve some of health care's most critical problems.



The flagship of CERC’s educational offerings is its design fellowship, offering early-career physicians and behavioral scientists the opportunity to develop a foundation in design thinking and work directly with leaders in medicine and industry.

Care Models

Designed by our research fellows, CERC’s care models have been selected for pilot testing by clinical practices across the country whose goal is to lower the cost of excellent care. 



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CERC Faculty Nirav Shah spoke Tuesday at a virtual conference held by Jerusalem-based venture firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)

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Robert Kaplan Receives 2020 Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award

Dr. Kaplan received this prestigious recognition for his research that has fundamentally changed the conceptualization and measurement of health outcomes.

New York Times, March 18, 2020

Can Smart Thermometers Track the Spread of the Coronavirus?

A company that makes internet-connected thermometers has followed the flu more closely than the C.D.C. can. Now the devices may be turning up cases of Covid-19.

Health Management, Policy and Innovation (, , March 2020.

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CERC Moderated Panel:  The Future of AI in Healthcare - 3/18/19 

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