Modify a Course

Course records should be modified by Department Course Administrators during the annual course catalog review, before courses are loaded to the class schedule for the following year. After enrollment opens for a quarter, the grading basis and unit value for a course may not be changed. Other changes to a course after enrollment for that course's class should be avoided as much as possible in order to provide students with a stable time schedule.

When substantial changes to a course must be made to the record after enrollment has begun, the Department Course Administrator will be responsible for ensuring that the course is frozen until changes are made, that all students who have enrolled are notified of the change and have sufficient time to change their enrollment status, and for having students re-enroll if that is necessary. Changes to the course will not be accepted until a Late Change Form has been approved by the Curriculum Administrator.

The Late Change Form may also be used to submit changes to a class schedule once enrollment has begun for a given quarter.

Change/Verify Units for a Course

Faculty requests to change units for existing courses require the following form. Unit values may not be changed for a course once the enrollment period has opened for the quarter in which the course is being offered.