Class and Room Scheduling

Courses active in the PeopleSoft Course Catalog database may be scheduled as classes for enrollment during specific academic quarters. The Class Schedule provides the when, where, who (days and times, classroom location, instructor) for the courses designated to be offered in a given quarter. To facilitate students’ program planning, class scheduling for all four quarters of the academic year is completed prior to the opening of enrollment for the autumn quarter.

Each May a process called Prior Term Copy creates the first draft of the class schedules for the next academic year. Any course given in the current academic year is copied to the new academic year, falling into the quarter designated in the updated PeopleSoft Course Catalog. The class days, times, instructors (including TA names), and class notes are copied forward from the current year. Class locations are not copied forward. Room assignment is a separate process, annually on the main campus and quarterly in the School of Medicine.

Meticulous review and update of Time Schedule data take place after Prior Term Copy to ensure that the information is accurate for the next academic year. School of Medicine Department Course Administrators — with input from instructors and support from the Curriculum Administrator — are responsible for conducting the review and updating class schedule information.