Stanford at The Tech: Current Participants

Student Participants

Alma Parada     

Postdoc, Earth System Science

Anne Dekas Lab        

Marine microbial ecology

Jessica Park       

Master's Student, Genetic Counseling 

Master's Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Ethics of genetic testing

Michelle Pang

Grad student, Biology   

Tom Clandinin Lab  

Molecular mechanisms of visual processing      

Ragini Phansalkar

Grad student, Genetics                 

Lars Steinmetz lab            

Cellular lineage tracing and personalized medicine

Nikki Teran         

Grad student, Genetics                 

Aaron Straight Lab   

Repetitive DNA at the centromere           

Shizuka Yamada

Grad student, Biology   

Aaron Gitler Lab        

Neurodegeneration and protein synthesis