Stanford Medicine Logo

These brief guidelines will assist you with logo usage, whether it be on a website or on a tote bag.  If the logo will appear externally (outside of Stanford), a draft copy showing how the logo will be used needs to be submitted to the Dean’s Office for review and approval. Additional questions regarding the Stanford Medicine logo should be directed to the Dean’s Office.

Stanford Medicine has one primary logo with a vertical and horizontal orientation.

 Expect a reply to your Stanford Medicine brand request one week after receipt of all relevant materials and information. Please leave plenty of time to make corrections.


Download Logo (EPS)

Download Logo (PNG)


Download Logo (EPS)

Download Logo (PNG)

Use Guidelines

  • The Stanford Medicine logo consists of both the name and shield. The shield should not be used separately (except in special cases approved by the Dean’s Office).
  • No words should be removed from the primary logo format or approved variations; nor should any design element be added. Any variation from the primary or approved logo formats must be approved by the Dean’s Office.
  • The Stanford wordmark (red text) is the distinguishing element of the mark, therefore the Stanford Medicine logo always needs to include “Stanford.” 
  • Allow enough white space around the logo. There should be enough space around the logo to allow for quick identification and to make the logo prominent.
  • There are situations when the primary logo doesn’t work due to space constraints (ie. shirts, social media). In these cases, any variation from the primary or approved logo formats must be submitted and approved by the Dean’s Office.

Stanford Medicine Print Logo Colors

PMS 201C

Cardinal Red

Pantone: 201C, 201U
CMYK: 0-100-65-34


Cool Gray

Pantone: Cool Gray 11C
CMYK: 48 -36-24-66

Stanford Medicine Print Web Colors


Cardinal Red

RGB: 140-21-21


Medicine Gray

RGB: 51-51-51

Questions regarding Stanford Medicine branding should be directed to the Dean’s Office.  For questions about the Stanford University logo, please contact the Office of Business Affairs.