The IRT Team

IRT supports the school through several service groups staffed with a broad range of professional technologists.

Chief Information Officer

Michael Halaas

Current Role at Stanford

My role is to provide strategic leadership and management of innovative technology solutions at the School of Medicine and to ensure our overall technology architecture is a strong enabler of institutional goals. To achieve this broad goal I work in close collaboration with a wide variety of individuals in the School of Medicine, on the main Stanford campus and in our two hospitals to plan and implement technology initiatives.

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Chief Technology Officer

Application Services

Don Mitchell

  • System Software Developer
    Alain Boussard
  • Web Developer
    Christopher Bricker
  • Front-end Engineer
    David Crutchfield
  • Software Developer
    Grace Hung
  • Software Developer
    Andrey Vetushko
  • Full Stack Developer
    Dmitry Gerenrot
  • CAP Product Manager
    Tina Del Cont
  • Sr. Business Analyst
    Stephen Estes
  • Sr. Applications Engineer
    Alla Klevtsova
  • Web Applications Developer
    Devi Meyyappan
  • Sr. Engineering Manager
    Munish Joshi
  • Sr. Business/Systems Analyst
    Pi Parsons
  • Sr. Business Information Systems Programmer/Administrator
    Bill Roden
  • Systems Software Developer
    Charles Yates
  • Sr. Software Analyst
    Markus Muetschard

Academic and Interactive Technology

Mark Trenchard

Academic Technology & Innovation

Instructional Design & Production

  • Manager, Instructional Design & Production
    Kimberly Walker
  • Creative Director & UX Designer
    William Bottini
  • Instructional Media Specialist
    Andrew Baek
  • CME Instructional Designer
    Deila Bumgardner
  • Digital Learning and Project Manager
    Jessica Whittemore
  • Digital Media Specialist
    Huy Tran
  • Digital Media Specialist
    Lauren Watley

AV Services

  • AV Services Manager
    Tain Barzso
  • Chief Engineer
    Bindu Madhava
  • Systems Integration & Support Specialist
    Art Bascos
  • AV Integration & Support Specialist
    Robert Del Visco
  • Systems Administrator & AV Specialist
    Minmin Qin
  • Project Manager
    Michael McAuliffe
  • System Administrator
    Calvin Gee
  • AV Technician
    Justin Price
  • AV Technician
    Glen Schembari
  • AV Technician
    Zachary McPherson
  • Classroom Capture Support
    Megan Garland
  • Classroom Capture Support
    Hannah Rasmussen

Digital Services

  • Web Services Manager
    Peter Chen
  • UX Designer
    Zakary Akin
  • Web Developer
    Sara Cook
  • Web Support Specialist
    William Doyle
  • Senior Web Project Manager
    Marianne Ford


Business Analytics

Jon Davies

  • BI Technical Solutions Architect
    Gopi Bheemani

Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst
Asha Wahi

  • Sr. Business Information Solutions Architect
    Dawn Howerton 
  • Sr. Data Warehouse and ETL Architect
    Chun Li
  • Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst
    Bhavya Thotakura

Platform Services

Hans Jacobsen

Customer and Project Management

Platform Engineering

  • Manager, Platform Engineering
    Alan Ge
  • DevOps Engineer
    Conrad Holmberg
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
    Dmitry Makovey
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
    Xu Wang
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
    Ying Wang
  • DevOps Engineer

Data Center Operations

  • Manager, Data Center Operations
    Marlon Tarape
  • Data Center Technician
    Loy De Mesa
  • Sr. Data Center Technician
    Rue Basiloy

Platform and Application Administration

Database Administration

Data Security Programs

Sharie Kumaishi

  • Information Security Specialist
    Andrew Mew
  • Information Security Analyst
    Soyok Quan
  • Information Security Project & Communications Manager
    Suzanne Schiessler
  • Information Security Analyst
    Spencer Chinn
  • Information Security Analyst
    Joe Zertuche
  • Information Security Analyst
    Charles Viloria

Finance & Administration / Program Planning & Management

Lora Pertle

  • Human Resources Manager
    Vivian Benkowski
  • Staff Recruiter
    Agnes Veith
  • Administrative Associate
    Elizabeth Medina
  • Purchasing and Property Administrator
    Jiten Singh
  • Process Management Manager
    Richard Renn
  • Administrative Associate
    Jessica Gonzalez
  • Financial Analyst
    Miroslav Marinov
  • Agile Program Manager
    Nivedita Shenoy
  • Administrative Associate
    Robertta "Bobbi" Woody-Mistriel 

IT Support

John Reuling

Associate Director, IT Support Operations
Todd Wheeler

Desktop Support

  • Desktop Support Manager
    Melissa Pavan
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Jessica Huang
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Randall Araquistain
  • Desktop Support Manager
    Roland Narciso
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Galen Crivello
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Mark Riesenberger
  • Desktop Support Manager
    Terrell McQuitta
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Gordon Sinclair
  • Desktop Support Team Lead
    Aaron Kau

Desktop Support Technicians

North Zone

  • Lead: Randall Araquistain
  • Sharon Apuyan
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Richard Ortiz
  • Raymond Yeen

Welch Zone

  • Lead: Jessica Huang
  • Abrahim Kalehzan
  • Matt Miles
  • Stuart Minami
  • Sonny Nguyen
  • Sam Zamvil

Falk Zone

  • Lead: Randall Araquistain
  • Adnan Chaudhry
  • Andres Palomo
  • Brian Sisk
  • Max Meloche

South Zone

  • Lead: Galen Crivello
  • Randy Chen
  • Ken Tom
  • Edwardo Luna
  • John DiMario
  • Damon Logan

Tech Bar

  • Lead: Mark Riesenberger
  • Rey Andrada
  • Hector Arambula
  • Cesar Mendez
  • Kim Lam
  • Ernest Moreno
  • Eduard Nuculiak
  • Alan Phan
  • Bikram Ubhi
  • Luis Perez 

Research Park/VA

  • Lead: Gordon Sinclair
  • Edwin Laranang
  • Ed Lee
  • Necki Goble
  • Robert Casuga
  • Ariel Abarquez
  • Luke Mendoza
  • *Open Position*

Redwood City
& SRWC Tech Bar

  • Lead: Aaron Kau
  • Ben Belton
  • Michelle Perez
  • Ben Salomon
  • Mobby Jafri
  • Daniel Catura
  • Virgil Santiago

IT Core Services

Service Desk, Escalation, & Provisioning

Sr. Manager, IT Core Services
Michael Howard

Service Desk

  • Service Desk Manager
    Andrew Blaner
  • Service Desk Team Lead
    Teresa Vasquez-Williams
  • Service Desk Team Lead
    Brandon Paris
  • Service Desk Technician 2 /
    Cardinal Free Clinics Lead
    Jesse Mena
  • Service Desk Technicians
  • Kevin Olsen
  • Felicia Fuentes
  • Emmanuel Becerril
  • Joe Lewis
  • Brian Nguyen
  • Anh Pham
  • Service Desk Technicians
  • Rodrick Rogers
  • Bobby Woo
  • Sean Young
  • Stephen Solano
  • Dante Sanchez

Escalation Team

  • Escalation Team Lead
    Tim Solper


    Escalation Technicians
  • Shougofa Akbarpour
  • Amber Burleigh
  • Mike Gesmundo
  • Phil Passos
  • Armmond Greene
  • Joshua Garrison

Provisioning Team

  • Provisioning Team Lead
    York Smith


  • Provisioning Technicians
  • Michael Janssen
  • Avi Hospedales
  • Osmar Veronica
  • Mackenzie Mizenko

Customer Success, Engineering,
& Extended Operations

Associate Director, Customer Success
Bob Burkhardt

Senior Solutions Architect
Glenn Peacock

  • Infrastructure & Engineering Manager
    Daniel Paepcke
  • Network Infrastructure Liaison
    Mark Bardelmeier
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
    Kiro Boghdady

Extended Operations

  • Extended Operations Team Lead
    Steve Hisey
  • Extended Operations Technician
    Eric Alemany

Client Platform Engineering

  • Windows Client Platform Engineer
  • Windows Client Platform Engineer
    Matt Feeney
  • MacOS Client Platform Engineer
    Chad Morales
  • MacOS Client Platform Engineer
    Jonathan Morton

Customer Success

  • Solutions Architect
    Amit Srivastava
  • Communications Writer
    Jan Morrill

Research IT

Director, Research IT
Somalee Datta

  • Director, Engineering
    Susan Weber
  • ETL Engineer
    Deepa Balraj
  • Application Developer
    YongJae Lee
  • Sr. Software Developer
    Eileen Loh
  • Imaging Software Developer
    Joe Mesterhazy
  • REDCap Application Specialist
    Alvaro Alvarez
  • Biomedical Informatics Product Manager
    Priya Desai
  • Biomedical Research Customer Liaison
    Stephanie Byrne-Valderrama
  • Systems Software Developer
    Sanjay Malunjkar
  • Principal Informatics Architect
    Andrew Martin
  • Systems Architect
    Garrick Olson
  • Sr. Software Developer
    Teresa Pacht
  • Strategy and Operations Lead
    David Love
  • Sr. Informatics Software Developer
    Arti Khandelwal
  • Sr. Informatics Software Developer
    Ciaran O'Reilly
  • Web Developer
    Beakal Asefa
  • Clinical Research Systems Developer
    Tina Seto
  • Sr. Software Developer
    Irvin Szeto
  • Biomedical Database Developer
    Lee Ann Yasukawa
  • Sr. Data Science Platform Engineer
    Wencheng Li
  • Sr. Informatics Software Developer
    Lei Wang
  • Research Services Engineer
    Jordan Schultz
  • REDCap Application Specialist
    Ryan Valentine
  • Senior Software Developer
    Joseph Pallas