Clerkship Evaluation & Narrative Appeal Policy

(See MD Program Handbook for additional details)

• Some students will appeal their final clerkship grades and/or the content of their narrative evaluations.

• According to the SOM policy on evaluation appeals, the process begins with a discussion between the student and the clerkship director or Advising Dean.

• Unresolved disagreements are referred to the Clerkship Evaluations Committee (CEC).


Appeals Process:

• The CEC will initially contact the appealing student and the clerkship director to discuss the evaluation in question.  

• The CEC will then assemble a committee to review the student’s evaluation file to determine whether:

    – The evaluation process was conducted fairly.

    – The final evaluation was based on sufficient information.

    – The final grade and narrative warrant revision.

• For an appeal to be considered, a written request must be made to the Division of Evaluation within eight weeks of the date that the final evaluation was submitted in E*Value.


Appeal Results:

• A request for an appeal does not constitute failure on the part of the clerkship evaluation team.

• Appeals provide an opportunity for learning and calibration. They serve an important function in achieving the broader goal of optimizing consistency in the evaluation across clerkships and sites.