Future Sustainability Projects

We anticipate beginning work on the following projects in the near future.

CCSR Photo Voltaic Project

Project Manager:  Roldan Penagos

The project is planning on installing a solar panel photo voltaic system on the roof of CCSR, and generating electricity.

When completed, the equipment is expected to have 1104 modules and to generate 361,000 kW.

Photovoltaic panels

Lane Lab Vacuum Pump System Replacement

Project Manager:  Linda Shinshrio

The project is planning on replacing the antiquated existing water-cooled vacuum pump system with an air cooled one.

When completed, the new equipment is expected reduce the building's yearly potable water usage by 100,000 gallons.

A vacuum pump system in use

Replace Grant By-pass Dampers

Project Manager:  Fred Echaluse

The project is planning on replacing the by-pass dampers on the four main building ventilating fans, and installing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system.

When completed, the four main fans are expected to utilize 25% less energy, and enable us to monitor the equipment on the Building Automation System.


Ventilating fans that can be improved with an upgrade