Text of Estimate and Workflow Process Chart

See the visual flow chart

The text here shows the progress of an estimate--if needed--and a work order, from the initial request to completion of work. 

Getting Started

To begin, do you need an estimate?

Estimate Process

  1. Work Request Submitted through Request Portal with estimate required. Notice sent to requestor with request number.
  2. PTA Approval: Notice sent to PTA approver to approve or reject estimate only.
  3. Request is approved or rejected:
    1. If rejected, notice is sent to requestor
    2. If request is approved:
      1. Work Order created and put on hold for estimate
      2. Notice sent to Requestor
      3. Estimate task is assigned to work group or individual
      4. Assigned person/group provides the estimate to Service Desk
      5. Approver approves estimate
      6. Service Desk route estimate through system for approval
      7. Approver approves estimate
      8. Work order is released (skip to "Work Order--post-approval steps")

Work Order Process

  1. Work Request Submitted through Request Portal or by phone
  2. Notice sent to Requestor with Request Number
  3. Determine if Project Is Customer Funded or Facilities Funded/Quick Response

Project and Customer Funded

  • PTA approval: Notice sent to approver
    • If Rejected: Request Cancelled, Notice sent to requestor
    • If Approved: Approval notice sent to requestor; skip to post-approval steps

Facilities Funded and Quick Response

Post-approval Steps

  1. Dispatched
    1. Work is assigned to workgroup or individual
    2. Order created
    3. Notice sent to Requestor
  2. Work is Performed
    1. Assigned person will contact customer to schedule
    2. Materials purchased
    3. Work is performed
    4. Notice sent to Requester when time is charged
  3. Work Order Completed--Notice and customer survey sent to requestor