Fairchild Idoyaga Lab

  • Departments/Programs:   Department of Immunology - Dr. Idoyaga Lab (new recruit) 
  • Project area:  ~650sf
  • Schedule: Construction Start Dec. 2104; Construction Complete June 2015
  • Architect:  Meeks, Coates, and Eaton
  • General Contractor:  Rick Beam Construction
  • SoM Project Manager: David Golden
  • DPM Project Manager:  N/A
  • DPM project link:  http://idoyagalab.stanford.edu/images/IdoImages/Gallery/D330.mp4 

Scope of Work

The project converted an existing cold room into modern laboratory space.  The lab included, 7 benches, 6 desks, a TC room and equipment corridor within the 650sf project area

The project is notable for its state of the art approaches to efficiency, flexibility, lighting both artificial and daylight, its and modern appearance.