Project Requests

Project requests are used for the initiation of a new facilities project that involves remodeling, renovations and construction for spaces that you already occupy. If you are requesting new space, you must complete the Space Request Form. Before submitting a project request, you should discuss the project and funding with your Director of Finance and Administration (DFA).

Project Request Process

  1. Submit Project Request via the work order system
  2. Select “Project” in the type of work section.
  3. Remember to include a PTA on the request. The PTA will not be charged unless the Project Manager/Coordinator notifies you to confirm cost and PTA to charge.
  4. Every Tuesday, the project request is reviewed by a OFPM committee and if approved, a Project Manager/Coordinator will be assigned.
  5. The Project Manager or Project Coordinator will contact the requestor to start the project.
  6. If you are not contacted by the Project Manager/Coordinator within two weeks of entry, please contact the OFPM main line at 650-725-3926.