Stanford Headache and Facial Pain Program Team

Robert P. Cowan, MD, FAAN, FAHS
Clinical Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences and, by courtesy, Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology

Dr. Robert Cowan is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Headache Program at Stanford University. Prior to joining Stanford he was the founding medical director of the Keeler Center for the Study of Headache (Ojai, CA) and senior clinical research scientist in molecular neurobiology at Huntington Medical Research Institutes (Pasadena, CA). Prior to that he founded and directed the Headache program at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine.

Dr. Cowan attended University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, completed a residency program at USC Department of Neurology and served on faculty there until 2000. He is Board Certified in the areas of: Psychiatry and Neurology and Pain Medicine. He also holds subspecialty certification in Headache Medicine.  Dr. Cowan is widely published in various scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Cephalalgia, and Headache. In addition, Dr. Cowan holds several nationally elected positions, including chair of the section on Chronic Daily Headache for the American Headache Society. He is President of the Headache Cooperative of the Pacific a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society.  He sits on the board of the Alliance for Headache Diseases Advocacy and the American Headache and Migraine Association. He is an ad hoc reviewer for a variety of journals, and an associate editor for Headache Currents.

Nada Hindiyeh, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

Nada Hindiyeh, M.D., is a board certified neurologist and a clinical assistant professor in the department of Neurology.  

She was awarded the 2013 Clinical Research Fellowship in Neurotoxins by the American Academy of Neurology and under this scholarship is currently investigating a diagnostic screening protocol for chronic migraine. Other research interests include pathophysiology and novel treatments for migraine, the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in headache disorders, and participation in clinical trials for new headache therapeutics. She is currently a member of the American Headache Society as well as the International Headache Society.

Dr. Hindiyeh completed her medical degree at the University of Toledo College of Medicine in Toledo Ohio. Both her internship and neurology residency were completed at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, where she was chief resident. She completed her fellowship in headache and facial pain at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Addie Peretz, MD
Clinial Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

Addie Peretz, MD, is a board certified Neurologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology & Neurological Sciences. Her clinical interests focus on the diagnosis and treatment of headache and facial pain conditions. She is involved in medical education and received the Robert S. Fisher Teaching Award for excellence in neurology resident teaching of medical students at Stanford in June of 2015. Her research interests include understanding the biological underpinnings of migraine and chronic daily headaches. She also participates in clinical trials of new headache treatments. She is currently a member of the American Headache Society as well as the International Headache Society.

Dr. Peretz received her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience at Brown University and earned her medical degree at the New York University School of Medicine. She completed her internship at Georgetown Medical Center in Washington, DC, followed by residency in Neurology and fellowship in Headache and Facial Pain, both at Stanford University.

Niushen Zhang, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

Dr. Zhang is a board certified neurologist and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Neurology. She has a special interest in developing personalized treatment plans, for headache patients, that incorporate the use of complementary and alternative medicine.  Her research interests include participating in clinical trials of new headache treatments for migraine and cluster headache. Dr. Zhang is also actively involved in medical education. She is the Director of the Headache Fellowship Program at Stanford.

Dr. Zhang graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. She attended New York University School of Medicine. She completed neurology residency and fellowship in headache and facial pain at Stanford University.

Danielle D. DeSouza, MSc, PhD
Instructor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

Danielle DeSouza, PhD, is a neuroscientist in the department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences. Her research focuses on the use of neuroimaging methods to study brain abnormalities and treatment-related plasticity in patients with chronic daily headache.  Her overall research goal is to combine multimodal neuroimaging approaches to understand the basic mechanisms and biomarkers underlying headache phenotypes to inform individual treatment strategies

Dr. DeSouza received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in Neuroscience and Psychology. She completed her master’s degree in rehabilitation science and received her PhD from the University of Toronto’s Institute of Medical Science and Neuroscience Collaborative program.

Carol A. Barch, MN, FNP-BC
Lead Advanced Practice Provider

Carol received her bachelor's degree in nursing from Wayne State University, and a master's and post-master's nursing degree from Emory University. She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner, has received national specialty certification in critical care nursing and neuroscience nursing, and a member of the American Headache Society.

Carol has been nationally recognized for her work in cerebrovascular disease. Over the years, she has made several national and local presentations, published multiple articles and consulted in North America on health care systems providing acute stroke care. Recently, Carol transitioned to bring her expertise to the Stanford Headache and Facial Pain clinic, expanding her scope of practice.

As a nurse practitioner on the team, she provides follow-up care to patients working to meet their goals in medication and lifestyle management for headache and facial pain. Her areas of interest include integrative medicine and patient education.