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Stanford announces new Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) Research Center of Excellence

In December 2017 researchers from across the country joined in the first-ever comprehensive network of research centers to conduct LBD clinical trials, provide community outreach, and expand professional continuing medical education. Representing 24 of medicine’s most prestigious academic medical research centers, these Research Centers of Excellence will help to streamline and standardize LBD science while connecting patients and families with the latest opportunities to participate in LBD clinical trials.

Complementary Therapies for Parkinson's Disease

Veronica Santini, MD emphasizes complementary and alternative therapies in Parkinson's disease, including vitamin E. She also discusses the importance of exercise in the overall spectrum of care.

You, Your Loved One and Parkinson's Disease

What is the difference between an observational trial and an interventional trial?  Why do people without Parkinson’s disease need to participate in Parkinson’s disease clinical trials? In an interview with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Dr. Kathleen Poston answers these questions and more as she discusses what it means to part of clinical research. (Login required to view video)

Why people with Parkinson’s are dancing at Stanford’s Neuroscience Health Center

Finding the rhythm is half the fun of dancing. But it takes a little more effort when your body is wracked by Parkinson's Disease. (KGO-TV)


Portland Countdown: A Series of Conversations on Parkinson’s Disease with Dave Iverson & Jon Palfreman

By World Parkinson Coalition with support from the Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon



2/21/2017 - A new rhythm: Dance benefits Parkinson's patients, Stanford Medicine



Huntington’s Disease: Stages And Therapies, Stanford Hospital Health Library


Falls and Dysphagia in PSP, Partners in FTD Care



New Technology Used to Treat Parkinson's Disease

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Dr. Helen Bronte-Stewart in the new Stanford Neurosciences dance studio.