Stanford Neurohospitalist Program

The Stanford Neurohospitalist Program was founded in 2014 and has quickly risen to national prominence as a center for the multidisciplinary care of acutely ill, clinically complex patients with neurologic disease. Our faculty lead both primary and consultative services at Stanford Hospital. Physicians seeking our expert care have transferred patients from across the Western US and even internationally to the Stanford Neurohospitalist Program.

We care for patients with a wide variety of illnesses ranging from autoimmune encephalitis to acute myasthenia gravis exacerbation, Guillain-Barre syndrome, refractory epilepsy, meningitis, headache, primary and secondary brain cancers, and delirium. We collaborate with our outpatient neurology colleagues to ensure highly integrated and seamless care at every transition. Our diagnostic expertise in evaluating patients with multisystem disease and experience in treating both acute primary neurologic disease as well as neurologic complications of systemic disease is sought out by teams from all disciplines in the hospital and neurologists across the region.

The Stanford Neurohospitalist Program is deeply committed to continuously improving the quality of care for patients. We are inspired by our patients and their families and humbled by the task of making our health care system operate more effectively for their needs – meticulously patient-centered, highly effective, safer, more efficient, and equitable. Our faculty have led and sustained multiple successful innovations including care pathway development, improving timely appointments and communication post discharge, reducing unnecessary labs and procedures, and improving the experience for hospitalized patients.

We are sincerely invested in the educational mission of Stanford University. Our faculty are highly committed educators and each have won numerous teaching awards. We consider ourselves and our patients lucky to be able to teach such a highly caring, capable group of trainees including medical students, residents, and fellows. We are committed to growing them into conscientious, highly skilled, detail-oriented clinicians. We are indebted to our patients for serving as additional teachers.

We also hope to instill in our trainees the same drive and tools to improve how health care is delivered, particularly for patients with neurologic diseases for whom quality of life can be so deeply impacted. In 2016, we launched an innovative resident quality improvement curriculum that is receiving national attention for its focus on translating individual patient experiences into improvement ideas, defined projects, and ultimately sustained changes in how we care for patients. In 2017, we also launched our Neurohospitalist Fellowship Program and are excited to have our first clinical fellow starting in July 2019.