Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium

The fifth annual Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium was held on May 13, 2019. Stanford neurology residents and fellows were involved in 20 of the 84 projects, second only to internal medicine. Six projects led by neurology residents and fellows were recognized with awards or honorable mentions, the most by any department. A project to reduce ICU length of stay in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage won the Best Multidisciplinary Project award. Award-winning projects also included an epilepsy curriculum for neurology residents, a workflow redesign for ambulatory lumbar punctures, and process improvement for bedside care of pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit patients. Curricula covering goals of care communication skills and medicolegal topics received Honorable Mentions. Additional details can be found here.

Improvements in clinical, laboratory, and Epic workflow to eliminate errors in diagnostic lumbar punctures
Nina Bozinov, MD, Lucas B. Kipp, MD, William Flores, CLS, Josephine Cabrera Aranda, CLS, Rahul Guli, Victoria Fitch, Marites Lazzareschi, RN, CRRN, ACM, Sujinder Johal, CLS,  Esterlita Bengil, CLS, Pablito Ang, CLS, Isabelle Yi, RN, Stephanie Ogamba, MS-HCA, Rocio Serrano, MA, Dana Gonzales, BSN, RN, CNOR, Amanda Johnson, RN, Marlianne Asuncion, Olga F. Goldberg, MD

Creating an institutional protocol for MRI in patients with legacy cardiac rhythm devices
Collin Culbertson, MD, Max Wintermark, MD, Paul Wang, MD, Angela Tsiperfal, MS, RN, ACNP-BC, CNS, Teresa Nelson, RT, Connie Lund, RT, Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Improving resident communication with patients about medication side effects
Shefali Dujari, MD, Hilary Wang, MD, Ruth Hua, MD, Anahita Dua, MD, Benjamin Weia, MD, Justin Slade, MD, Lisa Shieh, MD

A novel curriculum to improve neurology residents goals of care communication skills
Tarini Goyal, MD, Barbette Weimer-Elder, PhD, RN, Merisa Kline, MHA, Sylvia Bereknyei Merrell, DrPH, Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Continuous EEG for seizure detection in neonates after cardiac bypass without deep hypothermic cardiac arrest
Rebecca Levy, MD, PhD, Natasha Purington, MS, Rajani Kaimal, Mehreen Iqbal, MD, Elizabeth Mayne, MD, PhD, Amanda G. Sandoval Karamian, MD Kathleen Ryan, MD Courtney J. Wusthoff, MD

Curriculum development for neurology residents during the epilepsy rotation
Yi Li, MD, Aditya Joshi, MD, Dominic A Hovsepian, MD, Zahra Sadat-Hossieny, MD, Kevin Graber, MD, Scheherazade Le, MD

Reducing duration and cost of anti-hypertensive infusions in critically ill patients with intracerebral hemorrhage
Adam MacLellan, MD, Hans Ang, PharmD, BCCCP, Elizabeth Fox, CNS, AG-ACNP; Kassi Kronfeld, MD, MS. Nick Murray, MD, Alicia Wilson, BSN, Karen Hirsch, MD, Zachary Threlkeld, MD

Improving bedside care of pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit patients
Sara Pavitt, MD, Alison Carley, RN and the LPCH Brain and Behavior Nursing Group, Gustavo Chavarria-Ortiz, MD, Brenda Porter, MD, Juliet Knowles, MD, PhD

Creation and implementation of a standardized tool to improve inpatient consult communication
Sara Pavitt, MD, Anne McHugh, MD, Kevin Chi, MD, Kim Hoang, MD, Elizabeth Lippner, MD, Kiran Mudambi, MD, Katelyn Saarela, MD, Hannah Basset, MD, Rachel Goldstein, MD, Jennifer Tsai, MD, Nivedita Srinivas, MD

Improving the inpatient MRI experience through pre-procedure patient education
Sara Pavitt, MD, Amanda Sandoval, MD, Prateek Thatikunta, MD, Theodora Bruun, BA, Max Wintermark, MD, Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Improving scheduling and efficiency in neurodiagnostic lab
David Post, MD, Sri Muppidi, MD, Laurice Yang, MD, MHA

Reduction of wait time from central check-in to destination in outpatient neurology clinic
Ashley Rawls, MD, Laurice Yang, Christopher Locke, Jong-Mi Lee, Morgan Pennington, Amy Alcantara

Utilizing novel two-way communication methods to understand peri-urgent communication
Sammita Satyanarayan, MD, Ron Li, MD, Amy Chang, MD, Neel Chari, MD, Karen Li, MD, Lyndly Tamura, MD,  Katie Kvam, MD, Christopher Sharp, MD

Improving delay in detection and treatment of intermittent focal and subclinical seizures
Samuel Spiegel, MD, Thuy Nguyen, MD, Katherine Werbaneth, MD

A medical legal curriculum for residents to increase physician comfort in patient interactions
Kate Therkelson, MD, Laurice Yang, MD

Reducing Stanford ED utilization for breakthrough seizures in patients with epilepsy
Erica Von Stein, MD, Aditya Joshi, MD, Katherine Werbaneth, MD, Dominic Hovsepian, MD, Laurice Yang, MD, MHA

Improving neurology patient knowledge of medications at discharge
Hilary Wang, MD, Phyo Aung, Pharm D., Leslie Bennett, RN, MSN, Olga Goldberg, MD, Victor Tamayo, RN, BSN, CNRN, Noah Wachtel, RN, Brian Scott, MD

Quantifying the burden of unfilled clinic appointment slots created by late-notice cancellations
Hilary Wang, MD, Nicole Batino, Laurice Yang, MD, MHA

Developing an outpatient neurology resident curriculum and entrusted professional activities (EPAs)
Katherine Werbaneth, MD, Prateek Thatikunta, MD, Teresa Wu, MD, Sarada Sakamuri, MD, Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann, MD, Scheherazade Le, MD

Building and implementing an interdisciplinary protocol for brain code
JoJo Yang, MD, Anna Janas MD PhD, Karley Mariano NP, Lindsey Rasmussen MD, Sarah Lee MD