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Leaving frailty behind

She is an author of extraordinary success. Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit and Unbroken are literary phenomenons: Together, there are more than 13 million copies in print and both have been made into blockbuster motion pictures. She wrote the books while besieged by the debilitating disease, chronic fatigue syndrome. Stricken in 1987, she has endured vertigo and exhaustion so severe that for two years she was incapacitated and house-ridden. Recently, Hillenbrand has made a lot of changes in her medical treatments and in her life. In this podcast, which is part of the special issue in Stanford Medicine magazine on well-being, she discusses her illness, her newfound strengths and how she is leaving frailty behind.

Photo credit: Lauren Chelec Cafritz

Length: 44 mins. 10 sec.

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