1:2:1 Podcast : Genetics

  • Euan Ashley on harnessing the power of genomics

    A few years ago, Stanford cardiologist Euan Ashley, MD, described the promise of genomics for diagnosing and treating diseases as the "wild west" - a lot of researchers examining ways of using the technique, but too early to have meaningful results in the clinic. Since then, much has changed in the field.

  • Mike Snyder under his own microscope

    Mike Snyder, PhD, director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, recently chose to be the subject of his own study. Colleagues sequenced his DNA for over a year. That examination revealed, in real time, he had developed Type 2 Diabetes. What is the promise of this new world of genomics? How does Snyder’s study help the advancement of personalized medicine? And how does personalized medicine help other patients? In this podcast, Snyder answers all these questions and more.

  • Carlos Bustamante on his MacArthur 'genius grant'

    Population geneticist Carlos Bustamante, PhD, is among the nation's newest class of MacArthur Fellows - a prestigious award sometimes known as a ‘genius grant.

  • Euan Ashley on genome sequencing

    Cardiologist Euan Ashley, MD, and bioengineer Stephen Quake, PhD, are two members of an extensive team of clinicians, geneticists, bioethicists and bioinformaticians at Stanford's School of Medicine who worked together to devise the first-ever clinical recommendation based on a person's entire genomic sequence.

  • Francis Collins on the National Institutes of Health

    In this wide-ranging discussion, Francis Collins, MD, PhD, director of the National Institutes of Health, shares his thoughts on the agency's stimulus funding, the not-so-easy task of securing additional funds for the agency's FY 2011 budget, and groundbreaking stem cell and cancer research being funded through the Recovery Act.