Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Do I need a bachelor's degree to apply to the program?


You will need to have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university prior to matriculation, but you're not required to have one at the time of application.  Applicants with degrees in progress at the time of application may be conditionally accepted into the program, provided they successfully complete their bachelor's degree within the timeframe planned.

We regret that, at this time, we cannot consider applicants who do not have, or have pending, a bachelor's degree from a regionally accreditted U.S. college or university.  We are unable to make any exceptions to this requirement.

Where should my GRE score be sent? Have you received my scores?

First of all, make sure that you self-report your scores in CASPA as these scores will be used first in the application evaluation process.   Applications missing GRE scores will be considered incomplete until the scores have been added.

Then, ask the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send your score to Stanford electronically.  The Stanford University ETS code is 4704-GI (the GI refers to Graduate Institution).

If you have done the above, please rest assured that we have received your scores.  Please note that you will not see any indication in CASPA that Stanford has received your official GRE scores, since the Stanford score receiving system is not linked to CASPA.

What if I miss the application deadline?

Sorry, but we do not accept applications for a particular start date once its application deadline has passed. 

If you have missed the application deadline for a particular start date, we encourage you to apply for the following start date. 

What is the deadline to complete program prerequisites?

Most courses, including the "strongly recommended" courses, need to be completed prior to application.  However, the three additional upper-division-level courses ("recommended" courses) may be completed by matriculation.

Please see the Admissions section of our website for more information.

How old can my coursework be?

Strongly recommended and recommended prerequisite courses should be completed within the last 10 years.

Please see the Admissions section of our website for more information.

Can a higher-level math course satisfy your "statistics" category?  What about a "Statistics for Psychology" course?

We only accept general statistics or biostatistics for this category. 

A higher-level math course is notable, but will not satisfy this category.

Specialized statistics courses, such as "Statistics for Psych Majors", will not provide applicants with a sufficiently strong foundation in the basic "pure math" aspects of statistics that is desired.

Your qualifying statistics or biostatistics will most likely be offered by your institution's math or biology department.

How should I enter volunteer patient care hours in CASPA?

Any clinical experience that includes direct patient contact should be entered in the Patient Care section of CASPA.  You may then indicate whether each entry was paid or unpaid.  Do not enter these hours again in the Volunteer section.

Can I send letters of recommendation in addition to those included in CASPA?

Please do not.  We will only accept the letters of recommendation that are included in your CASPA application.

Do my military course credits count toward the program prerequisites?

We can only accept credits that are granted by a regionally accredited US college or university.   If your military course credits fit this criterion, then we can accept them.

What type of "clinical healthcare experience" is accepted for the program?

The type of clinical experience required is not narrowly defined.  At a minimum, it should involve interacting with patients in a health care setting and require critical thinking.  Roles that require "hands-on" experience (touching patients) are highly desirable. 

Do I really need to meet the 500 hours of health care experience requirement?

We strongly recommend 500 hours of health care experience, though we may consider a lower number of hours in special circumstances.  

Will veterinary experience satisfy the clinical experience requirement? 


Do course credits taken outside of the US count toward the program prerequisites?

We can only accept credits that are granted by a regionally accredited US college or university.  If your credits were taken outside of the US but were granted by a qualifying institution, we can accept them.