Educators-4-Care PAs

Stanford's School of Medicine E4C program is based on the core values – Compassion, Advocacy, Responsibility, and Empathy

Our Educators-4-CARE PAs (E4C-PAs) are clinically practicing PAs within the Stanford health care system who serve as teachers and mentors to incoming PA students and work with the students for the duration of their time at the School of Medicine.  

The roles of the E4C-PAs include:  

  1. Working with PA students during the Practice of Medicine (POM) course, cultivating the acquisition and refinement of patient communication skills, physical examination skills, clinical reasoning, and professionalism.
  2. During the clerkship years, the E4C-PAs continue to provide guidance for students’ bedside clinical skills and professionalism.  They provide mentoring and regular, periodic feedback through the students' tenure at Stanford. 
  3. Collaborate with course directors, faculty advisors, and the Office of PA education leadership to assist in students’ academic and professional development
  4. Participate in student milestone events and celebratory gatherings

Chad Anderson, MS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine

Kendra Patton, MS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Primary Care Medicine

Courtney Nelson, MMS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Acute Care Surgery and Trauma, Cardiovascular Critical Care

Jennifer Hunter, MPAS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Emergency Medicine

Camille Bloom, MS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Pediatric Neurology

Adam Seligman, MS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine

Michele Toussaint, MS, PA-C

Area of Expertise: Pediatric Cardiovascular Critical Care, Orthopedics