Fellowship Information 


The Division of Pain Management offers several fellowships to provide educational opportunities for physicians, psychologists, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists interested in specializing in pain medicine. In addition, seminars, webinars, symposia, and journal clubs are conducted throughout the year so that all members of the Pain Management Division can keep abreast of research breakthroughs and other developments in the field of pain medicine.

Clinical Pain Medicine Fellowship

One- and two-year clinical pain management fellowships that have been approved by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) are available for health care providers interested in specializing in pain medicine. Fellows participate in the clinical operation of active, multidisciplinary, inpatient and outpatient chronic and acute pain management services. 

Additional information and application materials are available here.

Clinical Pain Psychology Fellowship

A one-year, postdoctoral pain psychology fellowship is available to teach psychologists how to evaluate and treat diverse pain populations in an outpatient setting. The fellowship also includes opportunities for research. At the conclusion of the training year, the fellow will have acquired the number of hours of supervised clinical postdoctoral experience required by the State of California for licensure. 

Additional program information can be found here.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

We also offer a one- to two-year pain management fellowship for physicians interested in taking part in the growing field of pain medicine. We are only beginning to understand the science of chronic pain. There are multiple exciting research avenues available that offer physicians a real chance to be a part of breakthroughs that will enable researchers to develop targeted therapies that will offer patients maximum pain relief. More information about the pain research fellowship is available here.

Online Educational Resources

Our weekly Didactic Lecture Schedule is available here.

A variety of educational resources for Stanford residents & fellows are available here.