Welcome to the Van Haren Lab

What we do

Our lab explores the nexus of immunology and metabolism. Our approach is unique. We leverage insights from human neurogenetic and immunogenetic disorders to unravel the molecular mechanisms of human neuroinflammation. 

Genetic disorders offer an unparalleled vantage point for understanding human biology. Immunogenetic are particularly unique because immune tissue is both accessible and modifiable. These disorders offer a unique window into basic molecular mechanisms and make exceptional targets for stem cell and gene therapies.

Our team's goals are to:

  1.  build foundational knowledge in human biology 
  2.  develop transformational therapies for each disorder we study
  3.  train the next generation of translational scientists

neurology & neurological sciences

The Van Haren Lab is part of the Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences.

Join our team

The Van Haren Lab welcomes creative, collaborative, and hard-working individuals who want to improve the lives of people affected by neurologic and immunologic disorders.

We are presently seeking post-docs with a background in immunology, cell metabolism, gene therapy, or stem cell therapy.

Contact Us

Van Haren Lab
Lucas Center/MSLS
1201 Welch Rd, Room P224
Stanford, CA 94305

Administrative Associate
Fe Gibbons
fegibb (at) stanford.edu

Clinical Research
Swetapadma Patnaik
sweta (at) stanford.edu

Patient Care
Neuroimmunology & Neurogenetics Clinic
730 Welch Rd, 2nd Floor
Palo Alto CA 94304
ph: (650)-723-0993
fax: (650)-721-6350