Neurosurgery Grand Rounds

Aug August 07 Fri 2020

Translation from bench to bedside and back

Mike Lim, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Aug August 14 Fri 2020

Sub-intern Research Presentations

“Human Subthalamic Area Beta Oscillations Encode Preferred Tastes” – Bina Kakusa, Stanford Medical Student

“Next-generation optogenetics and neurosurgery” – Brian Hsueh, Stanford Medical Student

“Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Drug Uncaging for Pharmacologic Neuromodulation” – Daivik Vyas, Stanford Medical Student

Aug August 21 Fri 2020

Using The Finite Element Method to Better Understand Craniocervical Biomechanics

Douglas Brockmeyer, MD
Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, University of Utah School of Medicine

Aug August 28 Fri 2020

Departmental Conference for July 2020

(Hospital and Professional staff only)